Route Server

The latest technology is currently at an exchange point where the ixp technology is based on routing transparency which are expected to simplify the inter-domain routing matrix. So that with this simplicity, it is more powerful in terms of forwarding packet at 3 or 4 networking layer.
Citra-IX running using 2 route servers with round robin methods as the backbone device that are mutually backup so as to more strengthen that securing performance in terms of redudancy services.

Policy (IN/OUT)

Including the policy routing in and routing out.


An open source routing daemon packets for Unix-like operating systems.

IXP Manager

Software 3rd party for to do administration that already supports the needs of managing IXP services, which include many function such as administrator management, users management, graph traffic monitoring, tools management.

BGP Communities 

Mechanisme of route tagging technology that marking route or packets certainly that passing that allows the ixp users for traffic optimalization as well as need to troubleshooting independently..


Is a cryptographic method for the purpose of the prefixes securing in the internet. Using RPKI it is hoped that the bgp hijack issue can be surpressed. There are several components of the RPKI such as, ROA (Route Object Authority), CA (Certificate Authority), ROV (Route Object Validation), TAL (Trust Authority Locator).

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